Teri Ruecker – Horizon Agriculture and Photography Services

Entrepreneur: Teri Ruecker
Business: Horizon Agriculture and Photography Services
Location: Abernathy, Saskatchewan


I am starting a drone business. I will provide services to the public in the way of drone photography and videography.

My real passion lies in Precision Agriculture. I will have a RPAS (remotely piloted aerial system) that can fly over a field with a special camera to get data, which then can be used by the farmer with various software to extract the information they are looking for.

My ultimate goal is to detect disease and pests in a field early and provide mapping and even spraying for the pests.

By doing this early and exact, there will be a very positive return for both the farmer and the environment, less chemical and water used, less crop impact...

I am in the beginning stages but ready to hit the ground running!