Step 1: Enter Now - complete your online business profile

Canadian Dollar PuzzleRural entrepreneurs can enter the contest today by creating an online profile that will promote your business. Everyone that enters will receive a prize and a chance to win $100!

Once your profile is complete we will send you a toolkit to help create your video.

Chick here to create your profile, get a prize and a chance to win $100.

Step 2:

camcorderCreate a short video ( under three minutes ) about your adventure as an entrepreneur.

Talk about the highs, the lows, and some of the tips that you use to be a success.

Create a Youtube Account and upload your video to it and upload it to the website starting December 4th 2017.

Share your story of business success, and help inspire other people with disabilities to consider being their own boss!

Your video will be judged on how you answer these questions:

  • Why did you choose the entrepreneurial path?
  • Why does being your own boss work for you?
  • What hurdles have you overcome to succeed as an entrepreneur?
  • How do you measure success?
  • What advice would you give to other people with disabilities interested in starting their own business?
  • Were there any programs or services that contributed to your success?
  • Why did you choose to locate your business in a rural community?

Remember! We're not judging you on the quality of your video production. We're more interested in your story and the passion that has made you an entrepreneur.