Oak Island Publications

Entrepreneur: Marianne Curtis
Business: Oak Island Publications
Location: Ile des Chenes, Manitoba

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OakIslandPublications/

Business Description:

Based out of Ile des Chenes, Manitoba – Oak Island Publications has found their niche by turning novice and seasoned author’s ‘finished’ manuscript into a printed masterpiece that they can proudly sell locally in bookstores, and Amazon worldwide.

Starting with the self-publication of her own best selling memoir, Finding Gloria, back in 2012, Marianne Curtis simplifies the self publishing process by taking authors written documents, and transforming them into beautiful paperbacks and e-books.

Since inception, she has expanded services to include editing, proofreading, book cover design, author landing websites and print marketing packages which have added value to already competitively priced book publishing packages.

Oak Islands Publications has produced, published and marketed 47 individual paperbacks and e-books for 21 authors from Canada and the United States.

Feeding her love for design work, in January 2018, Oak Island Publications started the year by launching www.oakislandpublications.com.

Services were also expanded to offer media design, including print and social media ads, flyers, posters, business cards, logos, branding, and social media marketing. They also create and manage blogs, social media and websites for small businesses.

A writer and journalist at heart, Curtis has expanded services again by taking 2 decades of publishing and journalism experience, to launch several community newsletters.

On January 1 2019, the first issues of Spotlight on Ile des Chenes and Lorette Living hit the counters in three communities. Both these publications recognize the need for grassroots printed community newsletters as a venue to provide information to seniors, and people in rural communities have either disconnected from social media, or do not have reliable internet access.

After one month, both editions have sold out ads for the next 12 months, making room for expansion. Using this model, OIP is preparing to release two more community based newsletters in areas currently under serviced when it comes access to advertising venues.

In the midst of all this, Marianne still finds time for freelance writing for several magazines, and publications.

In February, she will be releasing “Passport to the Southeast”, a passport style activity book to encourage families to explore over two dozen community-based festivals from throughout southern Manitoba.

In a world where e-books seem to be replacing paperbacks, and social media seem to be the “go to” for getting local information, Oak Island Publications remains steadfast in their belief, there is value in using hands-on print media as a means to gain clients and exposure at a local level especially in rural communities.