2017 / 2018 Just Watch ME! Contest Entrants

Sherri Cooper - Watson, SK
Business Name: Harvest Time Eatery
Facebook Page: Harvest Time Eatery's Facebook Page

Harvest Time Restaurant is a quaint eatery with a deli style menu.

We are pleased to offer baked and canned goods and offer catering services to the region.

We invite you to visit us we are open six days a week.



Michelle Wierda - Gimli, MB
Business Name: Curves - Gimli
Facebook: Gimli Curves Facebook

Curves is a facility specially designed for women featuring a complete 30 minute workout that is fun, fast and safe.

We provide monthly coaching for all members where we celebrate your successes and set exciting goals for the next month!

There is a coach on the circuit encouraging and pushing you to your full potential!

We also, offer our Curves Complete Weight Loss Program and we offer daily classes!



Taylor Hayward - Niverville, MB
Business Name: Spawdog
Facebook: Spawdog Facebook Page
Against All Odds... I have aspbergers and didn’t know what to do with my life. Very shy, don’t like big crowds. Struggle in a social atmosphere but there was one thing I loved and that is animals!

I would groom my own pets and realized I wanted to open a spa for pets and I did! My teachers believed in my abilities and found programming.

Elevate Disabilities services stepped up to the plate to help me accomplish my goals and now my dream is a reality.

We started spa dog in my home. With family support.

Being my own boss is a dream. I hope to inspire others with aspbergers.


Lorena Mitchell - Marchand, MB
Business Name: Evolve Green
Website: www.evolvegreen.ca
Evolve Green is a renewable energy company in Manitoba that designs, consults and installs Solar both on and off grid, Solar thermal, and Wind systems.

Evolve Green is the most reviewed solar company in Manitoba and owner Lorena Mitchell was nominated by Wired for Solar woman with distinction for 2017.

We are not just a solar company but an Environmental company and really care about what impact we have on our community.

Learn more about Evolve Green here.



Entrepreneur: Donald Glenn - Thompson, MB
Business Name: Shortys Upcycling Studio
Facebook: Shorty's Facebook

Shorty's Upcycling Studio was founded in May of 2016, and was the Result of Shorty being on disability and not earning an income. Family members noticed his uncanny ability to make beautiful things while renovating the house, out of basically anything he could get his hands on. It started the day he made a pot rack out of a bunk bed frame.

Now a year and a half later, his business has aquired a storefront, he has presented at many tradeshows, he has presented at events as a motivational speaker, met with Kelly Bindle (member of parliment) - who publically acknowledged his business and his story, and has established a positive image for himself and his business in his small community of Thompson. His business has grown and is almost ready to start employing extra help!

The "Just Watch Me" contest has been a major aid in helping this business thrive into to its true potential. Still there is a long road ahead of it, but it feels great to be on track!


Entrepreneur: Christine Morin
Business Name: Morin Yoga - Otterburn, MB
Website: www.you-inspire-me.com

Morin Yoga is more then teaching people how to do yoga poses, it's being kinder to yourself and respecting your mental health just as much as your physical health.

Life doesn't need to be so serious, and I think that's why people come to my class, cause its fun and funny and its taking care of yourself at the same time!



Crystal Dyste - Willowbrook, SK
Business Name: Dyste Publishing

Dyste Publishing is planned to be a private publishing house dedicated to materials used to help those with mental illness, chronic pain, trauma and other disabilities.

The original plan is to use this company to run my own published works through.

My hope is that it will also become a platform from which other homegrown authors can launch similar works geared to the support, healing and wellness of those living with disabilities of many kinds.

It is an honour to take part in this contest, and I greatly admire this initiative to support those of us with disabilities see our dreams through to reality.

Thank you for your consideration.



Entrepreneur: Lori Kobialko
Business Name:Arts in the Alley Studio - Rosthern, SK
Facebook: Arts In The Alley Facebook

Arts in the Alley Studio is a bowling alley and arts school in the center of Rosthern, SK.

The owner, Lori Kobialko rents out the bowling alley for birthday parties, school events, leagues, and just for fun! The Art School has a kiln and offers pottery classes, painting workshop, felting and much more!


Entrepreneur: Louisa Reddekopp - Rosthern, SK
Business Name: Fire Moon Soap Co
Facebook: Fire Moon Soap Facebook

Louisa Reddekopp is the owner of Fire Moon Soap Co. based out Rosthern, SK.

Louisa creates beautiful Handmade Health & Beauty Products such as Soaps, Salves, Lip Balms, Scrubs, Beard Oil, and Room Sprays.

Fire Moon Soap Co. - Handmade natural products that I love, use daily, and enjoy sharing so you can benefit as well!



Entrepreneur Christina Hooper - Warren, Manitoba
Business Name: Back Country Fitness
Website: http://backcountryfitnessandconditioning.com/

I am a wife, a mother to 5 beautiful children, and the founder and owner of Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning.

As we enter our second successful year at Backcountry Fitness, I want to share our company motto:

“Inspiring Lives, One Body at a Time”

At BackCountry Fitness, I want to create an environment where EVERYONE feels welcome.
To challenge each individual based on their own personal goals, and never limit someone

Learn more about Christina here.



Warren Houle - Brandon, MB
Business Name: Warrens Native Designs
Website: www.warrensnativedesigns.ca/
Warren's Native Designs creates handmade cultural artifacts aimed at preserving the old style traditions in the various tools, weapons and pieces created.

I have been making native art work ever since I was 15. I am proud that the items I make will last for generations. I was asked to preserve my uncle's war bonnet because it was made in the 1900's and it was a great honour to do so, and I was proud that I was able to keep the old style intact. preserving traditional styles is very important to me.



Julie Paseschnikoff - Oak Bluff, MB
Business Name: Bee Boyzz Honey
Facebook: Bee Boyzz Honey Facebook

My husband and I started with a mission to create our own natural flavour extract honey varieties that we could produce ourselves on a fairly large scale.

I started working with Food Development in February of 2017 through Community Futures to develop our first 4 flavour varieties that I chose, being Canadian Maple, Blueberry, Strawberry and Lemon. We sourced from several natural flavour extract companies and Food Devleopment taught me how to taste flavours to achieve the results I wanted.

We continued on throughout the time with Food Development to work on our registered flavour extract room in our shop and throughout the summer had several inspections, finally getting our final permit to run our registered room in October of 2017.

My husband, children and I are overjoyed at what we have accomplished, selling our products at several stores and farmers markets in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

This venture has produced extra employment for all 5 of us and we hope to be able to take it to the next level some day and the Bee Boyzz will some day be a household name when thinking of flavoured honey varieties.


Braiden Krahn - Mitchell, MB
Business Name: Braid Creative
Website: www.braidcreativedesign.net

I am a graphic designer. I mainly make logos for local businesses.

I’m building my portfolio and have some samples you can see on my website at www.braidcreativedesign.net

I also do other graphic design work including posters, business cards and banners for both print and online use.

I’ve always had a knack for digital design and now I’m building a business around my talent.



Entrepreneur: Debbra Brissette - Niverville, Mb
Business Name: Highland Art Studio
Website: http://www.highlandart.ca

I operate an art studio in southeastern Manitoba for children, youth, advanced youth and adults.

My main goal is to offer art support for all who need it. Creativity plays a special roll in healing the mind, body, spirit, and soul.

I discovered a few years ago that “Art” is one of the top aides to help people with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) along with other health and mental disabilities. I was not told this, I experienced it myself. I had always enjoyed art but as a working woman and mother I never had much time to enjoy my love for creating.

In May of 2013 I was injured at work. PTSD stole over two years of my life before (by accident) I re-discovered art and re-claimed my life. I began working with the creative side of my brain, finding peace within myself and began the road to recovery. Now I am able to teach classes in my studio, hold paint nights and classes in many venues in and out of town.

My business has been developed to help people learn how heal their mind, body and soul by giving positive experiences developing self confidence, a sense of pride and accomplishment in completing a piece of art they, themselves have made.



Photo: Ian Froese - Brandon Sun

Entrepreneur: Chance Toder - Elkhorn, MB
Business Name: Leave It To Chance

Chance has adapted a mower to allow him to start his own business, Leave it to Chance!

He has found that being on the mower gives him the freedom and sense of self worth that every one deserves to feel.

He is looking forward to starting season two with new contracts and new adventures.



Entrepreneur: Margo Malabar - St. Jean Baptiste, MB
Business Name: More Than Pyjamas
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Morethanpyjamas/

More Than Pyjamas makes and sells pyjamas, nightwear and loungewear for adults. This includes two piece pyjamas, nightgowns, nightshirts, dusters, kaftans, pants & shorts, made with traditional and novelty prints.

I make custom orders, garments designed for people with sensitive skin, and adaptive nightwear. Garments are mainly constructed from natural fibers such as cotton and silk, for comfort, breathability, softness, warmth and coolness.



Entrepreneur: Ben Lachance - Steinbach, MB
Business Name: Lachance Lawn Care
Website: http://www.lachancelawncare.com

Lachance Lawn Care & Snow Removal offers affordable seasonal contracts for lawn care and snow removal for commercial and residential customers.

We also offer one-time services and odd job help. Lachance Lawn Care and Snow Removal takes pride in offering quality service.

We service the community of Steinbach, Manitoba.



Jeff Benson - Stonewall, MB
Business Name: J.B.'s Small Engine Repair
Website: J.B.'s Small Engine Repair Website

J.B.s' is a family owned and operated small engine repair shop located in the town of Stonewall Manitoba.

We have a fully equipped shop, able to service, repair or overhaul most small engines on a variety of machines. Jeff and Jeremy (father and son) are the repair technicians while Les (mother) runs the front office.

We opened for business May 1st, 2017. With the guidance of Community Futures and and the vision of our bank, we were able to secure our location and the tools needed to open our doors. We became cash flow positive in our first month and continue to expand our services.

We became an authorized service facility for MTD Canada in July 2017, performing warranty repairs on MTD, Yardworks and other lawn and garden machines.

We are now working toward adding a new machine retail division to our list of services in spring 2018. We are looking forward to our second year with great excitement and expectation.



Kenneth Stonechild - Yorkton, SK
Business Name: KDBS Mobile Ice Cream
Facebook: KDBS Mobile Ice Cream Facebook

Kenneth Stonechild of Yorkton is the owner of KDBS Mobile Ice Cream. We are 1 Mobile Ice Cream bike that operated in Yorkon Saskatchewan During summer months.

KDBS Mobile Ice Cream is pleased to offer Drumsticks, Popsicles, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Fudge Bars and prices range from $2.00 - $3.75.


Entrepreneur: Kailey Lefko - Lac du Bonnet, MB
Business Name: Educalme
Website: http://www.educalme.com

Educalme creates guided mindfulness practices for children and their adults. Each Educalme toolkit teaches mindfulness through the lens of a specific theme over five days.

For each day, the toolkit includes audio for a 5 minute guided mindfulness practice, a student booklet to reflect on their guided practice, a step-by-step teacher lesson plan and bonus materials for a deeper understanding of the theme.

After the five days of practicing with Educalme, children and their adults will experience the benefits of using their breath to calm their bodies and minds and feel empowered to bring the mindfulness skills they are learning into their daily lives.

You can learn more and start your practice at www.educalme.com



Mireille Laroche - St Pierre Jolys, MB
Business Name: The Silhouette Company
Facebook Page: Facebook.com/TheSilhouetteCompany

The Silhouette Company is a professional bra fitter selling and fitting a variety of brands and styles of bras to fit every need and woman.

We are also pleased to offer selections of up-cycled women's fashions.



Entrepreneur: Chantel Forbes - Oakbank, MB
Business Name: Holistic Aromatherapy Wellness
Facebook: Hollistic Aromatherapy Wellness Facebook

Holistic Aromatherapy Wellness was created because of my own medical challenges I have gone though.

I make home made soap, bath bombs, aromatherapy massage oils, essential oils, and other amazing products.

I Have obtained the following diplomas to help me with my business;
Holistic Herbal Therapist, Aromatherapist, Hot Stone Body Healer, Rheiki Master and Teacher.

I am now enrolled into Iridology Practioner to add to my portfolio to help others.



Entrepreneur: Anne Calladine - La Ronge, SK
Business Name:Northwinds Bus Lines
Facebook: Northwinds Bus Lines Facebook

A member of the Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Anne Calladine has overcome a number of challenges to achieve the success she now enjoys.

In 2008, the opportunity arose to purchase La Ronge Bus Lines, which provided bus transportation for the three local schools in the Northern Lights School Division, and a commercial waste disposal service.

Over the years, they added school bus contracts in Beauval, Patuanak and Turnor Lake, along with adult transportation for Northlands College in La Ronge.

Construction has already begun on a new, two-story 12,000 square-foot office, storage and repair shop.



Entrepreneur: Sherry Fowler - Rosthern, SK
Business Name: Impressions Salon
Facebook: Impressions Salon Facebook

Impressions Salon in Rosthern, SK that offers all hair services and welcomes all types of clientele.

We have 3 hairdressers that are well educated and able to cater to all the newest trends and styles.

We encourage our clients to book appointments; however, walk ins are always welcome!!

Impressions also has a wide variety of salon retail, purses and jewelry, as well as many different gift items!!



Entrepreneur: Jessica Vikse - Rosthern, SK
Business Name: Club Phoenix

Jessica Vikse is a Personal Trainer in Rosthern, SK. Offered services include private and customized fitness classes, group boot camps, spin classes and specialty classes designed for seniors.

Jessica is also able to offer personalized meal plans for optimal success and supplement education.