Kim Richardson – Lucky Break Ranch and Tack

Entrepreneur: Kim Richardson
Business: Lucky Break Ranch and Tack
Location: Rivers, Manitoba

Business Description:
Lucky Break Ranch and Tack is owned and operated by Kim Richardson a certified equine assisted learning facilitator and horsemanship association riding instructor.

Kim provides a variety of equine assisted learning programs (learning Life Skills through interactions with horses), that are proven alternatives to traditional therapy for a wide range of behavioral and mental health issues and disorders.

The programs improve emotional, physical and individual wellbeing, for youth, adults and Teambuilding / Leadership workshops for companies.

Mission Statement:

To help individuals of all ages and abilities find hope, happiness, self-worth, strength and resiliency for facing life’s challenges.

Vision Statement:

To work with individuals and organizations to provide services that can improve community wellbeing one program at a time while maintaining high program standards, continuing education, training, professionalism and confidentiality.