Help me make my video

Here's a handy beginner's checklist to get you started making your video. The first step in making a movie is figuring out a plan or storyboard. The internet is full of movie making tips and basic video techniques.

Watch This Video: 8 Film Making Tips

Instructional VideoCheck out this instructional video for making your movie from Steve Langston of Dirty T Shirt Productions.

The video provides eight practical tips to help make your video the best it can be.

Once you've got a sense of how video-making works, grab your video camera, smart phone or webcam and start shooting!

When you are ready to edit your movie, you can use Windows or Mac software that is usually part of your computer's operating system.

If you use Windows, Windows Movie Maker can help you create/edit your movie.


If you are an Apple user, iMovie can help you create/edit a movie.