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Does my legal business address need to be in a rural area to enter this contest? 

Yes. To enter you must operate your business in a rural part of either Saskatchewan or Manitoba (i.e. an area served by a Community Futures office). You do not need to be a client of Community Futures to participate, but Community Futures clients are invited to enter as well! See complete eligibility requirements.

Do I have to be a client of Community Futures to enter this contest?  

No. All you have to do is meet the contest’s eligibility requirements. However, if you are a client of Community Futures, we highly encourage you to enter as well!

How will this contest make use of my personal information?  

We only use your personal information for contest administration and communication about your video. Your email address will not appear with your video. We won't sell your personal information to any third party. For more info, read these contest terms and conditions.

Can I vote for my own video?  


How many times can a person vote? 

Voting is open to everyone, but there is a limit of one vote per device every 24 hours. If we discover that an individual has voted more than once per device every 24 hours, we may disqualify those votes, it is our sole discretion.

How long will it take before my video gets added to the Just Watch Me contest website?  

We do our best to approve and upload new, eligible video submissions within two business days.

How will I know if my video is approved?  

Once your video is approved, we will send you an email notification to inform you that your video has been added to the Just Watch Me contest website.

How long will my posting remain on the Just Watch Me contest website?  

The video will remain on the contest website for one to two years unless we receive a request from you to remove the video sooner. 

I noticed an error on my video description. What should I do?  

If you notice an error on your video description, or if you would like to delete your video, simply send us an email.

Where can I send questions or feedback about the video contest?  

Please contact us at edpinfo@mymts.net