Christina Hooper – Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning

Entrepreneur: Christina Hooper
Business: Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning
Location: Warren, Manitoba

Business Description:
If you or anyone you know has gone to a Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning bootcamp class, you’ll know the kind of fun, work-at-your-own-pace, kick butt workout you get. With inspiring music, an endless variety of exercises, and a friendly leader who knows how to get you motivated, Backcountry bootcamp classes are fun for men, women, and even kids!

Meet Christina Hooper. She’s the busy mom who has brought affordable fitness to the Interlake area. When she’s not cheering on participants at bootcamp classes, she’s helping her husband Joe manage the home front - all 80 acres of it, just north of Warren. Together, they have five children, two dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, goats, alpacas, and a pot bellied pig named Penelope.

The busy mom of 5 is no stranger to fitness.

Christina’s passion for fitness began many years ago. She was an active child, playing multiple sports throughout her school years.
She has trained and completed over 13 half marathons and multiple 5 & 10 km races. She took home 7th place in her first fitness competition, and is now a Dynamis sponsored athlete. Her more recent accomplishments include an annual memorial Bootcamp fundraiser where she has raised $15,000 for CancerCare Manitoba.

Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning will be celebrating it’s 4 year anniversary this April! During these 4 years, Christina has
considered it an honour to help 100’s women begin moving more and eating better.

With over 17 years in the fitness industry as a certified CanFitPro trainer, she specializes in weight loss transformations, helping people of all walks of life improve their fitness levels, and teaching others to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Over 70 five-star ratings on Backcountry’s Facebook page are proof that people love Backcountry bootcamps and her custom programs.

Backcountry Fitness offers not only local bootcamp classes out of Warren MB, but together Christina and her husband Joe have created a free local running club to encourage local runners to train together.

Christina also provides online meal and fitness plans and offers lifestyle coaching. If you’re interested in trying out a bootcamp class, join the running club, or start a lifestyle plan, head over to the website, to find out more information and be sure to join Backcountry Fitness & Conditioning on Facebook for all the updates.